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    A new year is a new period

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    Welcome to 2024 - we hope you have a fabulous year ahead! As you reflect on your goals, resolutions or intentions for the year ahead, have you considered your menstrual cycle?

    As the fifth vital sign (yup, right up there with your pulse rate and blood pressure), the menstrual cycle is a major indicator of our overall wellbeing. It can provide a major clue if something inside us isn’t working as it should, and it also plays a major role in how we feel throughout the month. At Fri Period, we definitely think the menstrual cycle warrants some extra attention.

    Here are our best tips to get the most out of your menstrual cycle and new year resolutions in one hit.


    As the end of the year rolls around, it’s only natural to reflect on the past 12 months and all that you achieved, lost and learned, and the ways that you grew, evolved and blossomed.

    It’s also helpful to reflect on your menstrual cycle. How regular were your periods? How heavy or light was your flow? What symptoms did you experience? How in-tune did you feel with your body throughout each month? Is there anything you’d like to work on improving for 2024?

    This is a great starting point for setting your 2024 Menstrual Cycle Intentions.


    Cycle tracking is an incredible habit that can help you have an amazing connection with your own body.

    By taking a moment each day to take a note of how you feel (both physically and emotionally), it quickly becomes apparent just how much your menstrual cycle affects almost every aspect of your physical and emotional wellbeing. After a few months, you might start to notice some patterns, and that’s where the magic truly happens.

    Imagine knowing exactly *when* you’re going to have trouble sleeping, when you’re going to be your most sociable and outgoing self, or when you’re likely to feel crampy and irritable. Think of all the amazing accommodations you can make to make life so much easier for yourself. It’s not an understatement to say we think cycle tracking is one of the best life hacks out there!

    Don’t know where to start? Download our free cycle tracker here and check out our easy tips here.


    We’re always down for some self-care, but particularly in those first couple of days of your period. Especially if you’re the type of person that’s always really busy and puts in a lot of time tending to the needs of others (either at work or home), carving out time to truly focus on yourself and indulge in some self-pampering when your period starts and you’re likely to be feeling depleted is a game-changer. Whether it’s having a luxurious candle-lit bath with a facemask and good book (we recommend this!), or curling up in front of your fave romcom with your go-to comfort dinner (hopefully cooked by someone else), treating yourself to some self-love has a major impact. It may even lead to you looking forward to your period!


    1.8 billion of us bleed each month, yet talk about periods is often shrouded in whispers and embarrassment. At Fri Period, we think menstrual cycles are awesome - humankind would literally cease to exist without them. That’s something to be pretty proud of, if you ask us!

    We’re not saying you should start shouting about your period everywhere you go (although, kudos to you if you do, my friend), but let’s all contribute to shedding the taboo and fostering an environment where we feel free to talk about our bodies without shame. The more we learn about our menstrual cycles, the more in awe we are of everyone who has one (that includes you!).


    In conclusion, we wish you an abundant and positive year where you can enjoy an amazing connection with and appreciation of your own body. We think it’s remarkable, and so should you.

    Signature of Fri Period founders, Nina & Amy